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Cash for Gold Class Rings

Every graduating student will not feel complete on graduation day without a good quality class ring. To make it even more memorable and long lasting, many graduating students prefer the gold kind of class ring. A class ring symbolizes a person’s school spirit and the institution he or she represents.

For those who already have their class rings, you will be surprised at how willing you will be to part with it not only during times of emergency but when you feel that it’s been cooped up too long in your jewelry box. You would feel that it is time to let go. But how do you do this? With, you have never had it more convenient! You can sell your old gold class ring for a fair price that is worth all the memories that go with the ring at the most convenient manner – online selling. Now you avoid unnecessary embarrassment because you don’t need to go personally to the company (like going to the jeweler or the pawnshop). Do everything online and within five days, you get cash for gold!

There are many metals used to make class rings. Your class ring can come in either platinum, yellow gold or white gold. Gold is the most popular kind and the best investment because it can be sold at a price much higher than when you first got it. When it comes to prices, of course, gold will be gold. They tend to increase in value through time. The price mainly depends on the carat, the weight and how elaborate the design is. But when reselling at, you need not worry anymore about the design or if it has defects. What counts is the quality and the weight of the gold.

Definitely, men’s class rings are more expensive since they are bigger. They can weigh from 13-22 grams and if it were 10k gold, it could cost $10 per gram. At 14k, a gram would $14. Ladies class rings should only weigh from 4 to 10 grams. Again, the price depends on the carat.

Gold class rings can be a very good investment for graduating students. Gold has an appreciating value that take into consideration. The site has made it so easy for you to get rid of unwanted scrap gold like your now-too-small class ring.

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